BuddyPress launched it’s survey for 2014, so do participate in the survey and help create a better piece of software. BuddyPress has grown and changed over the years. BuddyPress is definitely much better then it used to be, check what’s new in the current version 1.9

BuddyPress 1.0 launched just over 5 years ago, and it’s quite a different piece of software today than it was back then. We’ve added (and retired) several components, reinvented the way it integrates into WordPress’s themes, and even changed our logo color (from orange to red.)

As BuddyPress is an open source  software the voice of community is very important. The survey for 2014 consist of 32 questions which are straight and concerning what the community expect from the core team in the time to come.

You have an opportunity to rate the current components as well. So, use this opportunity and tell BuddyPress team what you expect from them.

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