Get Involved in bbPress Survey 2014

Like BuddyPress, bbPress also launched their survey for 2014 to get your input about how they should plan the future for bbPress. The platform has been superb throughout these years and helped many to create am...
bbpress and buddypress

BuddyPress and bbPress are Open Source Now

Project lead for BuddyPress and bbPress John James Jacoby announced that BuddyPress and bbPress are Open Source Now and welcomes contributes to these projects. we are excited to announce today that all of the ...
BuddyPress Survey

BuddyPress Survey Results 2014

BuddyPress has recently unveiled it's survey results for the year 2014 which was held from Jan. 7 – Feb. 10, 2014. Three hundred thirty-eight developers from fifty-two countries completed the survey.The mai...