Whenever, I open any popular website, I look at two common practices, first is great content and the other is better user engagement. The fact that most of the websites lack user engagement is not surprising. Content is the king, but it is nothing without the supporting features.

And, that’s why having a poll to get the readers more engaged is just another way of making the user interact in the right way.

WordPress, on the other hand, provides the necessary ecosystem to make it possible for easy integration of polls in the website.

If you use great content, social media and polls, you have already done more than 70% of the optimization required to make your content viral.

Opinions are great; they give the readers the choice to identify themselves through commenting. Polls, on the other hand, provide the necessary one-click opinions to the website. Everyone has their preferences and choices and you can leverage basic human psychology to your advantage.

So, why wait? Let’s start our list of Best WordPress Poll plugins for better user engagement.

Best WordPress Poll Plugins

1. WP-Polls


Creating a Poll is easy with free to use the plugin, WP-Polls. WP-Polls is the  most downloaded polls plugin in the WordPress marketplace. It offers great customization and can be used to create polls in no time.

You can add multiple answers to the questions and get your job done. I prefer this plugin because it is simple and can be used by anyone.

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2. Dilemma WordPress Plugin


Getting user engagement is the number one reason of using poll plugins. Dilemma WordPress plugins take this to yet another level with beautiful design and two choice based options.

Currently, you can only provide two choice for the user, where one can be used by the user. The idea is to keep the user interested in the content by providing them regular checks.

The good news is that it only costs $14. So, if you are looking to really vamp up your website user interaction then you can use it.

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3. Poller Master Ultimate WP Polling System


If you are looking for a fully features WordPress poll plugin, then Poller Master plugin can be your best bet. It is a premium plugin that offers responsive layout built with the help of bootstrap. The interface is super clean and simple and it looks great on almost every WordPress theme.

Furthermore, you can do tons of customization with this plugin. One of the major customization options is the ability to change fonts and typography. The polls created using the plugin can also show countdown and run for a limited period of time.

This way you can be more in control of the polls and engage users much better.

It also comes with 40+ pre-designed styles for checkboxes and radio buttons, improving usability. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a fully featured polls plugin.

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4. Responsive Roll


Responsive Roll is yet another premium plugin that I would recommend my readers. The poll plugin comes with tons of customization and features and is built using bootstrap 3. This makes the plugin ideal for responsive websites as bootstrap is a mobile-ready platform.

Also, you can use Charts.js to make custom changes to the output. This make adding different charts easy such as Radar, polar, pie, bar and others. It is also not costly, you can get the plugin for just $14 and get a fully featured plugin with proper documentation and support.

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5. Social Polls by Wedgies.com


Social Polls by Wedgies.com is a free to use a poll plugin. It comes with tons of features and one of the major features is responsive design support. Also, you can create polls directly from the dashboard enabling you to be highly productive.

Other important features are the anonymous voting feature. This enables readers to keep their identity hidden and still take part in the polls. The plugin also has a share option which in turn enables other to vote and increase the chance of making the post viral.

Customization is good in the plugin; you can choose to change CSS, color, branding, and show data in percentage, numbers, and bars.

You can also choose to integrate picture and animated GIFs in your polls, which make it more customizable.

If you are looking for a free plugin with almost premium features then Social Polls is your best bet.

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6. Polls Made Easy


Polls Made Easy is quite a surprising pack. It offers all the premium features and comes for $18. The idea is to provide you a fully furnished tool for creating amazing polls for your WordPress website. The main expectation is to create the most impressive and creative outlook for the polls and this plugin do succeed in providing the same.

Key plugin features are drag and drop poll creation, shortcode and widget support, facebook social share, random poll showcase in web pages and much more. You can also set poll time and also take care of users who vote more than once. With IP tracking, no user can vote twice and this way no one can tamper with the results by repetitive voting.

You can lock post content as well. It is translation ready and more.

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7. YOP Poll


The last plugin in our list is YOP poll. It is free of cost and offers good features. The plugin is great for scheduling purposes and enables you do easy management from the dashboard. It also offers social sharing and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Overall, the plugin is good for small websites and blog who are eager to experiment with poll features.

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Wrap Up

Making users interact with the website adds to the long term success to the website. It doesn’t matter if you have a small website/blog or a big one, polls add the necessary flavor for capturing user attention and leveraging user interaction to good effect.

Are you planning to use a poll plugin to your website? If so, which plugin you choose? Comment below and let us know.

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Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone