Cobaltapps, a team known for their custom made tools to help you create a great website with Genesis Child Themes.

They have recently come up with a new tool called Genesis Essentials which is a pared down version of our Dynamik Website Builder Theme.

Genesis is probably the most popular WordPress theme framework which is being used by thousands of bloggers and businesses to power their websites and the tools from Cobaltapps are the one which will make your site standout from the rest.

Genesis Essential, the newest tool from the Cobaltapps store is a toned down version of Genesis Extender Plugin which includes all the important functions of extender minus the complex Custom Options.

So, that means this will be a great tool for all the basic and medium level Genesis users to customize their site. The front-end CSS Builder an “editor only” version in this tool.

Download Genesis Essentials

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Important Features of Genesis Essential[/symple_box]

  • Full custom widgetized static homepage control.
  • The ability to add any Google font you like to your Genesis powered website.
  • Front-end Custom CSS controls that provide real-time feedback as you tweak your Child Theme’s design.
  • Enable Font Awesome Icon support with the click of your mouse.
  • Easily and safely add your Custom CSS, PHP and JS code through your Genesis Essentials admin.
  • CSS and PHP code building tools.
  • Full Import/Export controls for backup and transfer of your Genesis Essentials settings.
  • And several other useful features.

Even if you have a version of Genesis Extender still this new tool can be of great help because it provides you all those specific core features which are must and it is easy to understand and use by any newbie.

Homepage Control

All the tools from Cobaltapps provides great control over the homepage of your site, Genesis Essentials takes this feature ahead. With this tool you can completely customize the homepage of your current child theme or completely replace it with your own customized layout.

Genesis essentials

Typography With Google Fonts

Genesis Essentials Google font feature offers you option to choose your font from more than 600 amazing Google fonts and makes it super simple to taylor your typography to your own specific needs.

Genesis Essentials Google Fonts

Styles Your Site Real-Time

The Front-end CSS Editor of Genesis Essentials plugin is very powerful, it provides you real-time styling view. As you paste your CSS code the page will show you the changes which you can modify as per your requirement.

Final Word

The team at Cobaltapps has a proven track record as far as Genesis customization tools are concerned, Genesis Essentials definitely brings good news to many newbie Genesis users. It looks like a great tool which will help you to customize or modify all the important parts of your site created with Genesis theme.

Download Genesis Essentials

Cobaltapps Introduces Genesis Essentials
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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone