With the increase in number of business websites on WordPress CMS, the quality live chat systems are becoming very important to communicate with the visitors instantly and convert theme to loyal customer.

If you are providing any kind of service through your WordPress site or even if you have a simple blog and you want to interact with your visitors, the live chat plugins can be really helpful in this regard.

In this post we will discuss about Subiz Live Chat plugin for WordPress, which is an ultra modern live chat system to engage your incoming visitors.

Subiz Live Chat

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Subiz Live Chat Overview[/symple_box]

Subiz is really easy to use and very effective live chat plugin for WordPress, the installation process of this plugin is same as any other WordPress plugin, just find Subiz Live Chat from your plugin dashboard and activate it.

Once the plugin is activated go to settings section, click on Subiz Live Chat to link up your Subiz account with the email ID used for Subiz account.

Subiz Live Chat is a cloud based service which will engage your website visitors and turn them into clients. Let’s look at the features in detail.

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Brand your chat system: Subiz Live Chat provides you an option to customize the live chat window on your site to make it look like a part of your website.

Subiz lets you edit CSS styles right in your browser to fulfill any wishes you want chat widget to be.

Subiz live chat

Smart trigger: Smart action possible through Subiz, when you are sort of manpower  the “Smart trigger” feature lets you create and send auto messages which will engage them to and buy you more time.

This is undoubtedly a very effective and important feature of Subiz Live Chat system.

Proactive chat invitation: In the same line like Smart trigger feature, the proactive chat invitation system will make your user feel that your are always there to support them.

All you need to do is to create an impressive message  which will be triggred to incoming visitors and help you to reduce the bounce rate of visitors to a huge extent.

Auto chat invitation

Chat command:  Chat command is another superb feature, this will bring in personal touch to your customer service. Subiz will create chat commands, including remembering name, email, phone number of visitors.

The next time they return, you can greet them with their own names which will make your visitors feel great.

Subiz also enables you to totally transfer previous chats transcripts and let other agents continue the conversation with the visitor if you don’t have an answer for some question.

Auto detect & convert into foreign languages: Needless to say how important this feature is, Subiz helps you to chat with the customer in their native language.

This will eliminate any kind of misunderstanding because of language barrier and help your customer to open up and have a great conversation which will help you to understand your customer better.

Subiz Language

Visitor Monitoring: With Subiz Live Chat system you can monitor your visitor in real time which will help you to make the best offer to impress the customer.

Chat history tab can let you quickly investigate past conversations that the visitors have had. Or the detailed chat transcript of each agents. You know the visitor’s past problems so they don’t have to tell them over and over again.

Live monitoring

Reporting & Email transcript: Subiz provides you a report about chat events, like number of visitors, conversations, Page Views, Offline Messages etc.

Also, chat transcripts can be sent automatically to both visitors and agents which will help you to make your business more transparent by keeping the history at both ends.

Unlimited Use: With one Subiz account, you can use it on unlimited websites. Each website can have its own unique chat buttons and windows. You absolutely can control each website separately.

Responsive: Now, this is really important looking at number of visitors coming through the small screen devices. You can use Subiz on smart phone and tablet with the stability. Just choose the IM suitable with your device, install then chat or chat directly on web browser like on desktop.

Cost of Subiz Live Chat system

Subiz Live Chat system provides you two options to go for 1) Standard 2) Advanced

The standard option will cost you $9.59 agent/month and the advanced option will cost you $16.80 agent/month, good news is you will get 20% off if you go for the yearly subscription.

Still in doubt? well Subiz Live Chat offers you 30 days free trail with all the standard package features except 100 agents feature.

Not to forget the freemium package, yes that’s true Subiz also offers free service to small businesses and startups because the team understand the possible financial is problems of small business at times.

Support: You can have a look at the Subiz support home page here. They have created number of documents to support their user. They also have an active support function through ticketing system in case you don’t find your answer in knowledge base.

As expected you can also chat live with their support team.

Conclusion: There is no second thought about having a live chat system if you are running a business or providing some kind of service through your website.

Customer support is one of the most important factor which can place you ahead of your comparators, and live support system like Subiz definitely provides you an edge to understand your customer better and expand your business.

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Subiz Live Chat Review: A Live Chat System for WordPress
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  1. Jackey

    This is really a breakthrough to boost sale and enhance customer service.

  2. Si Duy Ngo

    It really good for me, I can chat with customers without setting up anything.


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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone