Today in this post we will discuss about how to integrate Google’s products with WordPress, though Google has already published their own plugin it is currently in beta version and limited in terms of service.

We will talk about another plugin which helps to integrate Google’s products with WordPress called SZ – Google for WordPress which is created keeping Google+ in mind.

This plugin is module based like JetPack from WordPress wehere you can activate or deactivate each modules as per your requirement to save memory resources.


Modules Available in Plugin Are

  • Module Google+
  • Module Google Analytics
  • Module Google Calendar
  • Module Google Drive
  • Module Google Fonts
  • Module Google Groups
  • Module Google Hangouts
  • Module Google Panoramio
  • Module Google Translate
  • Module Google Youtube
  • Module Documentation

Google+ social network module

  • Google plus badges
  • Google plus buttons
  • Google plus comments
  • Google plus embedded post

As Google has so many products SZ – Google for WordPress plugin is getting developed step by step by the developers, if you are looking forward to any specific feature in this plugin you can request it here

Installation of SZ – Google for WordPress

The installation process of this plugin is nothing different from any simple WordPress plugin.

  1. Administration Panel plugins and option add new
  2. Search text box sz-google
  3. Placed on the description of this plugin and select install.
  4. Activate the plugin from the admin panel of WordPress.

Once the plugin is activated you will get the option for SZ – Google on your WordPress admin panel where you can do the further settings as per your requirement to integrate Google’s Products With WordPress

As already mentioned this plugin is created with Google+ in mind, so you get number of options as far as G+ is concerned.

Google Analytics module

One of the basic need when we talk about Google and WordPress integration is installing the analytics code. This plugins gives you lot more options than just placing the code to get the statistics

Google Analytics

Google Groups module

This plugin comes with Google group module which gives you option to place group widget on sidebar or any post/ page with shortcode.

Google Hangouts module

In this plugin comes with Google hangout widgets that can be directly inserted on the sidebar of your website. All the configuration parameters can be found on the widget itself after you dragged to the sidebar that interests you.

Google Hangouts Shortcodes: The shortcode made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to allow the insertion of the components of google hangouts in a post or on a page in wordpress

Google+ Comments System

The comment system must be explicitly enabled from the admin panel after installing the plugin. You can replace the current commenting system or integrate it with the existing getting a double system.

You can find the details of all the modules here

Download Plugin

How to Integrate Google's Products With WordPress
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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone