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13 Top Notch Parallax WordPress Themes 2016

You might have good content but without proper presentation, it might not have that appeal to the audience it would have with a quality appearance.Good content accompanied by immersive design language will bring more traffic to your website.One such desig...
Google Maps Widget Plugin Review

Google Maps Widget Pro Plugin: A Review

Adding Google Maps to your WordPress website has never been easier. If you have a location based website or you need to place Google Maps for driving direction to your place, this plugin is everything you need. Today we look at one of the Google Maps plugin de...
13+ WordPress Tips for Beginners

13+ WordPress Tips for Beginners

WordPress is easy to use, but it can easily confuse the beginners. The extraordinary complexity felt by the beginners is normal in the beginning and fades away in a week or two of intense use.But, the question still hands? How to utilize WordPress to its f...