Solving problems and helping someone to get their issues resolved is probably the best way to create a good will, the online world is nothing different.

How to sites like eHow, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Stackoverflow are very popular as millions of people from across the word gets their answers on these sites.

If you want to create your own Question and Answers site in WordPress, check these amazing resources to create a Question and Answers site in WordPress in minutes.

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Create A Question and Answers site in WordPress

DW Question & Answer


DW Question & Answer is one of the best resource to create a Question and Answers site in WordPress in minutes. This plugin gives you all the options you may require to run your Question and Answers site successfully.

Features of DW Question & Answer plugin:

  • Submit Question
  • Order Question by Category, Tags
  • Add Answer to Question
  • Choose Best Answer for Question
  • Comment for Question / Answer
  • Vote Question / Answer
  • Customizable Notification Email regarding new Question / Answer and Comment
  • Quick Questions filter
  • Manages Question by status
  • Instant Search by keywords

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WP Answers Plugin

Another very popular WordPress plugin to create a Question and Answers site in WordPress platform. This plugin comes with it’s own responsive themes, however this plugin can be used with any theme you want to.

One of the most popular feature of this plugin is the integration with Yahoo Answers to auto fetch content for your site which is really great for a new site.

WP-answers also enable users to login with Facebook or Twitter and then spread your content virally by automatically posting to their profiles.

This is a premium plugin which comes for $89

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Q&A plugin

One of the most popular Question and Answers plugin with proven track record from wpmudev, this plugin enables you to bring full Questions and Answers functionality to any WordPress or BuddyPress site in mere minutes.

Features of Q&A Plugin:

  • Full front-end capability – users don’t ever have to see your site’s admin back-end
  • WYSIWYG editing of both questions and answers
  • Easy theme integration using widgets
  • Fully customizable using the included template files
  • Snazzy voting for both questions and answers
  • Integrated reputation points system
  • Dedicated user profile pages

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CM Answers


CM Answers is a plugin for WordPress that enables users to post questions and answers (Q&A) in a Stackoverflow style. Plugin also includes social media registration using Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ authentication.

Features of CM Answers

  • Includes a views count
  • Includes an answers count
  • Administrators can moderate question & answers and can receive email notifications.
  • Users can receive notifications when answering a question pending follow-up.
  • Sorting options in the question and answer pages.
  • Template can be easily customized according to users requirements.
  • We will be happy to add more language files and submit them to our WP community members. Currently we support: Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, French and Czech.

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AnsPress – Question & answer system


A new and promising WordPress Question and Answers plugin for WordPress. AnsPress is currently under development however you can still use it to create a AnsPress Question and Answers site on WordPress.

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SabaiDiscuss Plugin

SabaiDiscuss is a premium questions and answers plugin for WordPress. The plugin features the ability for users to ask and answer questions similar to Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers.

SabaiDiscuss is an ideal tool not only for building a community driven question-and-answer website but also for building a discussion forum, a knowledge base, or even a helpdesk portal for WordPress.

Features of SabaiDiscuss

  • Discussion Stream
  • Access Control
  • Theme Friendly
  • Voting Engine
  • Report Abuse System
  • Easy Moderation
  • Profile Pages
  • Reputation Engine
  • Cloneable
  • Featured Posts
  • Bookmarking
  • Social Sharing Tool
  • Widgets

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Answers Theme

Answers WordPress Theme

Answers Theme will turn your WordPress install into full featured Question Answer portal in minutes.You can easily install this WordPress theme with just one click.
Answers is one of the most complete question answer WordPress themes available today. It allows you to create a fully functional Q&A portal that is user driven and content oriented.
Features of Answers Theme
  • Ask a Question
  • Vote on answers
  • Custom register form
  • Translate Answers
  • Custom widgets
  • Charge for submissions
  • Choose the best answer
  • Customize using widgets
  • User dashboard

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AskIt WordPress Theme


AskIt WordPress Theme

AskIt theme effectively transforms your blog into a fully functional question and answer site. AskIt allows your visitors to post their questions and have them answered by fellow members.

Any visitor can post answers to these questions which are then voted on by the community until a “correct” answer is chosen by the question author.

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Instant Q&A

Instant Q&A WordPress Theme

One of the best WordPress Questions and Answers theme. This theme instantly converts your WordPress site into a good looking answers portal.

Key Features of Instant Q&A:

  • Turnkey Question & Answer website solution
  • Custom User Log In
  • Custom Sign Up with user generated passwords
  • Custom Forgot Password option
  • Ability for member to change their password
  • Member Profile Pages
  • My Account Page
  • Edit Profile Page with Custom About Me text
  • NEW – Tags for questions and tag archive pages.
  • 6 Custom User Avatars to choose from
  • Gravatar Integration
  • Custom Ask a Question Form for Posting Questions
  • Unique Answer pages for Answering Questions
  • Popular Questions Section – Top Answered Questions in the Last 30 Days
  • Star Rating System – Members Earn points for Asking and Answering Questions

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Robust Q&A

Robust Q&A WordPress Theme

Robust WordPress Questions and Answers theme with large feature set to suit your needs. This theme takes the q&a concept to the next level. Easy to setup and get going in minuets. Custom Translations for people looking to use other Languages.

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Q-and-A, WP Questions and Answers WordPress theme

Q-and-A is a simple and powerful question-and-answers-like WordPress theme. It doesn’t really matter whether you are about to run specific niche Q-and-A site or a simple questions and answers site relating to the product you sell, I’m sure you gonna find this theme extremely useful.

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone