When it comes to online business, creating a daily deal site is one of the best option to start a successful online venture. I’m sure many of us aspire to create a successful venture like Groupon, the leader among daily deal sites.

But, how and where to start?

Well, in this post we will discuss about a very powerful deal site engine, a Groupon clone theme which will help you to create a great looking, professional deal site within minutes.

Yes, that’s true. Let me introduce you to WPGroupbuy, a Groupon clone theme, one of the best best option available to create a professional daily deal site like Groupon.

WPGroupbuy offers WordPress Theme & Plugin so you have an easy way to create and manage your own online daily deals website like Groupon. WPGroupbuy allows consumers to group together in order to obtain great discounts on products and services offered by merchants.

WPGroupbuy Team

Demo WPGroupbuy ThemeDownload WPGroupbuy Theme

Groupon Clone Theme

I’m sure when you look at the theme and the demo site, you first impression will be “WOW” because this system looks spectacular, the team behind this powerful system has put in lot of effort to give every element of this theme the perfect touch.

Responsive Design: As expected from a theme of this standard, the design of this amazing Groupon clone theme is completely responsive. It doesn’t matter whether your customer uses a laptop or a mobile phone, your site will look amazing in all devices.

Responsive design











Deal Features: WPGroupbuy, Groupon clone theme gives you really easy option to manage your deals on your site created with this deal system.

  • Add and manage deal easy
  • Supports locations and categories
  • Supports item attributes (color, size for fashion offers, etc.)
  • Supports discount pricing
  • Supports image slideshows for deal
  • Shopping cart allows you to save the cart for later
  • Supports guest purchase
  • Tax and shipping rates
  • Countdown timer
  • Reward points & Referral program
  • Email subscription integration & Email templates
  • Subscription lightbox to collect client’s email

Merchant Account: This system gives the Merchants to manage their own shop, submit deals, manage voucher, check sales stats like any popular deal site in the world.

Management Tools: WPGroupbuy theme provides you advanced management tools which will help your to manage every small element of your deal site quite effectively.

You can manage orders, sales, payments, merchant accounts etc within this system.

Management tool

Payment Gateway: Now, this is a very important function of any deal site or any online shopping venture, how you manage the payment system.

WPGroupbuy theme provides you payment processing option through PayPal and Authorize.net.

  • Support PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayFast, SagePay, Authorize.net and Cash on Delivery (Offline method)
  • Support multiple payment methods
  • Allows sharing payment with merchant with PayPal Adaptive
  • Supports onsite, as well as offsite payment processing
  • SSL integrated

Template& Style Options: WPGroupbuy theme comes with more than 10 page templates and 4 home page styles to make your site look unique and professional.

This comes with custom login & registration page, so that the user doesn’t need to use the default WordPress login page. Also it gives you option to play around with color and font styles.

Further Customization: If you want to further customize the system and make it look completely unique, you are free to play around with the system and give it the look you want, if you need any support from the WPGroupbuy team to customize the system, they offer the customization services as well.

How It Looks?

This amazing Groupon clone theme gives you all the option you may require to create a successful deal site on WordPress, the theme has been carefully crafted to make sure every small element works perfectly.

Let’s take a view of the default home page.

Demo WPGroupbuy Theme Download WPGroupbuy Theme

Groupon Clone

Customer Support : This system is very well documented to guide you create a great deal site using this system. The team also make sure that all their customers are happy and guided properly, so you don’t have to worry about the support

Cost: WPGroupbuy, Groupon clone system for WordPress deal site is not just another WordPress theme, it is created with some specific need and tons of elements to run a successful deal site.

The pricing of this system starts from $79, I request you to go through the options available for each package very carefully before selecting the perfect package for your site.

  • Bronze: $79 $99
  • Silver: $149 $199
  • Gold: $199 $299
  • Platinum: $299 $399

Conclusion: Undoubtedly the best option to create a WordPress deal site, I like the look and feel of the system it is very professional and attractive.

The team has done a superb job with this Groupon clone theme, it is almost perfect. If you are planning to create a daily deal site on WordPress you must give this system a consideration.

Demo WPGroupbuy ThemeDownload WPGroupbuy Theme

WPGroupbuy Review: A Groupon Clone Theme for WordPress
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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone