WordPress users cherish the platform for what it has to offer. The ecosystem provides plugins and theme for any purpose whatsoever.

Today, I will go through the best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for 2016 and beyond. We handpicked the plugins according to their usability and benefits.

So, is there any benefit of using Mega menu? Does it improves site navigability and improves user experience? It does. It also improves user experience and also let you improve your website navigation in a better way.

The mega menu also provides a different look to your website. The website looks professional.

Without wasting more time, let’s get started with the best WordPress mega menu plugins for 2016.

Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins 2016

WP-Sticky Menu

WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

WP-Sticky Menu is a premium plugin that aims to provide excellent mega menu feature out of the box. The plugin is easy to setup and provides extra features such as optimized code for CSS and JS. It also provides 30+ styles to choose from. The plugin is completely responsive and has a nice amount of customization attached to it. The 2.-0 version has brought new changes to the system. Check them out by visiting the official page linked below.


Uber Menu


UberMenu is an excellent Megamenu plugin. It aims to deliver a seamless experience for the buyers and the website visitors. The design is excellently done with an aim of responsive design. Moreover, it offers excellent customizability in the form of selection and editing. It also offers excellent control over the submenu such as controlling the width, height and other aspects of the submenu, columns, rows, etc. You can also set background images, add context and use column wrappers around multiple items.


Mega Main Menu


Mega Main Menu is yet another premium plugin that costs only $15. It is currently trending on CodeCanyon and have sold over 4600+ items. That’s huge! On the features part, it is one of the versatile mega menu plugins out there. It offers excellent integration with the website design and offers 10+ dropdown styles to choose from. You can also choose Google Fonts, vector icons and any other form of images/text/video. The team is also dedicated towards improvements and provide excellent support. A great plugin to have if you are looking for the best Mega Menu plugin. And, it only cost $15.


Hero Menu


Hero Menu is a “hero” mega menu plugin. So, does it stand to its name? Well, it doesn’t do anything heroic, but it does provide good enough features for $19. Just like Mega Main Menu, this plugin is also trending on CodeCanyon and have already sold 1,640 items until now. With a high rating of 4.65, it is a great plugin for the price. On the feature set, it is easy to create a mega menu with the plugin. The process takes only a few steps. It also supports WooCommerce, responsive design, and drag and drop menu builder. The menu builder improves the usability of the plugin and makes customization a treat for the buyer. The UI integration is also great and works with all the plugins out there. With Hero menu, you can create an unlimited number of layouts and designs on the website menu section.




LMM is yet another premium plugin for just $19. It came with impressive features and aimed towards both regular and advanced users such as developers.

With LMM, you can create seamless mega menus for your website. It supports both vertical and horizontal menus and is tailor made the responsive design layout. You can create multiple mega menus and change them with ease. The mega menu support different media types such as text, images, videos and also offers social icons(up to 2). LMM is created using Bootstrap 3.3 enabling the mega menu to be responsive. If you are creative or know CSS, you can further enhance the mega menu according to your requirements.


Mega Menu by WooRockets.com(FREE)


If you are looking for a free alternative to creating a mega menu, the plugin from WooRockets can be your best bet. The plugin is well-optimized, customizable and responsive. It also provides a builder for natural creation, saving you a lot of time. It also comes with custom CSS and unlimited colors for infinite mega menu creation.

For better control, the plugin offers profile control. This way you can save profiles and use them anytime. It provides drag and drop, rich mega contents, horizontal and vertical orientation, etc.


Mag Mega Menu


It will be too harsh if I only list one free mega menu plugin. Mag Mega Menu is a great mega menu plugin. It will cost you nothing and still offer features equal to a professional plugin. The plugin works by creating a widgetized that aims to deliver the menu using widgets.

Creating the mega menu is easy with the help of the drag and drop functionality. The plugin offers excellent customization options with 100+ options to choose from. That’s a good number for a free plugin. The quality of the plugin can be gauged from the fact that it rated 4.9 out of 5, with over 60,000+ active installations. It is just that awesome!




Morph is our next plugin in the list. It is not a mega menu plugin, but a fly-out WordPress menu, aimed at mobile themes. Mega Menus just don’t work in the mobile view — and this is where Morph comes into play. Just install and see the magic of the Morph plugin.

Key features include responsive design, touch-ready, customizable, etc.


Over To You

Mega Menus are important for any website. It improves the navigability and provides a professional look to any internet site. We listed few of the best premium plugin and also went through two of the best free plugins for creating a mega menu. You can choose any of the plugins listed above. If you are not sure about your requirements, you can try out the free plugins and then jump on to a premium plugin for better functionality and support.

This ends the article! If you liked it, don’t forget to comment and share!

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone