Are you a WordPress junkie who love to read awesome WordPress posts each day in the morning? Well, if you are then we have composed a list of Top WordPress Blogs You Should be Reading Right Now.

WordPress ecosystem is complex and there is something happening every single day. The CMS is growing every year and there are experts who care about the platform and its growth.

If you are a WordPress developer and designer then these blogs will keep you updated about almost on the daily basis. These blogs offer news, reviews and breakthroughs that happen in the WordPress world.

WordPress ecosystem is evolving every second we pass by — things are getting patched up and people are finding new tools and techniques to make it a better place for both the novice and advanced users.

Top 10 WordPress Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Without wasting much time, let’s start the list for the top WordPress blogs that you should be reading right now.

1. WP Tavern


WP Taven is one of the most popular WordPress blog that started it journey way back in 2007. The coolest thing about the blog is Jeff Chandler and Sarah Gooding. They are WordPress veteran and who doesn’t want to listen to their opinions about WordPress.

The website covers almost everything related to WordPress including plugin review, theme review and opinions.

Visit WP Tavern

2. Elegant Themes Blog


Elegant Themes is one of the leading WordPress developers as they regularly launch new WordPress goodies including themes and plugin. To engage users, they keep a knob on to the WordPress world. Their regular blog posts include WordPress product reviews, press release, announcement, breakthroughs and more.

They started the company in 2008 and it has come a long way from there. The blog also covers social media, development related and SEO related article.

Visit Elegant Themes Blog

3. IndexWp


Yup, IndexWp is one of the leading WordPress authority blog. The blog is run by Darwin Liu. The blog has tons of WordPress related articles including news, reviews, plugin and theme collection and much more.

You are already reading IndexWp. :

4. 85Ideas


85Ideas is the new entrant in the WordPress blog arena, but it quickly reached 100k visitors lately. The website is more concerned about releasing beginner tutorials, list articles and guides related to WordPress and SEO.

Article posting is regular and you will get filtered resources for your next blog or website.

Visit 85Ideas

5. WP Lift


WP Lift is yet another blog that you can follow for WordPress related stuff. The blog offers daily news, reviews, tutorials and much more. The blog is developed by Oliver Dale.

Visit WP Lift

6. WP Mayor


WP Mayor is one of the leading WordPress blog. It is run by Jean Galea, a leading WordPress Developer. The website posts leading views on WordPress platform and many more.

Visit WP Mayor

7. WP Kube


WP Kube is owned by Devesh Sharma and is now one of the leading WordPress websites. It has come a long way when it first started in July 2010. The articles revolve around  detailed reviews of plugins and themes. All the posts are detailed in nature.

Visit WP Kube

8. ManageWP Blog


ManageWP is the leading WordPress managing service. They also run their blog, which comprises of hundreds of useful articles about WordPress.

They also cover news, development, tutorials, collections, plugin and theme reviews.

Visit ManageWP Blog

9. SitePoint


SitePoint is an amazing place for developers. As usual, they also cover WordPress and have tons of tutorials and list articles concerning WordPress. All the articles published on the website are of very high quality.

You can participate in the forums and enjoy your stay in asking questions regarding WordPress.

Visit SitePoint

10. WPMU Dev Blog


WPMU Dev is one the leading WordPress developers. They have tons of WordPress plugins on the marketplace. To support their craziness, they also blog about WordPress.

They care about different facets of the WordPress including tutorials, theme and plugin review, news and much more.

Just like SitePoint, the quality of the WPMU Dev is high.

Visit WPMU Dev Blog

Wrap Up

The blog that are listed with no order and the ranking list ranking doesn’t give any hints on how awesome each one of them are.

If you think that I missed an awesome WordPress blog, comment below and let us know!

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Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone