Did you ever wanted to create a micro job site like Fiverr? If yes, this new theme from Appthemes brings the good news for you. Now, you can create your own micro job portal with Taskerr theme with in couple of minutes.

Appthemes recently released this feature rich theme which is specially created for micro job site. The theme comes with all the small and unique features which you may require to create a complete micro job marketplace.

So, let’s check it in detail…

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Before we start checking the details of Taskerr theme, don’t forget to check another superb WordPress theme from Appthemes store which was released recently called HireBee, it’s a Freelance Marketplace theme

Coming back to the Taskerr theme, it helps you to create a premium quality, great looking micro job marketplace within couple of minutes.

Taskerr connects people needing jobs done with others willing to do them. Those sellers offer their services at a set price and customers buy them. You profit on each transaction.

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taskerr theme

Creating a micro job portal and providing others a platform to communicate and get their job done is an amazing business idea, all you need to do is setup your site and promote it to maximum potential.

Once you are able to create a brand for your site, your job is done. It is a good business idea not only because you get profit out of others work but your site will be updated with new content frequently by the users of your site. you just need to make sure everything is working perfectly, and this task becomes real easy if you are using a theme like Taskerr.

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Modern Design

Taskerr theme comes with a great layout and design. The theme follows the current trend for a clean and simple modern design. You also have an option to choose from five built-in color schemes or design your own using the WordPress theme customizer.

The theme keeps all the focus on the content with some quick links to by a particular service or to make a service your favorite. The homepage has a great looking introductory banner which makes the theme look amazing, you can write your tagline theme are route users through the correct lane.

The theme provides the users an option to short the services by date, rating as well as price for a particular service. So, almost everything is taken care of by the theme.

Taskerr theme design

Easy Administration

When you are running a marketplace kind of site on WordPress, the admin backend of the site becomes really important because you need to control all the features of the site from there.

Taskerr theme has taken care of that quite perfectly, it comes with a powerful admin backend where you will find an option for everything from the smallest detail to the biggest features.

Taskerr theme admin backend

User Dashboard

Generally users take care of everything in a micro job site, because they are the one who will be posting services and buying services on that site. So, undoubtedly the theme needs to have a comprehensive user dashboard and Taskerr theme will not let you down in this regard.

The theme comes with a powerful user dashboard where they can access to all their notifications, services, tasks, purchases, reviews, contact info, site stats and favorites. Each single service present statistics about current and completed tasks and received reviews.

Taskerr theme user dashboard

Responsive Emails Templates

Impress your customers with the professional HTML email templates provided by this theme. Taskerr includes 15+ custom emails, all of which are built on Ink framework and mobile friendly. Customers can also unsubscribe from all or individual emails.

Taskerr theme email template

Monetize Your Site

Isn’t this the most important part of the theme? I’m sure it is. Taskerr theme provides you opportunity to generate passive income by charging sellers a fixed price for listing their services. You can also upsell with featured listings placement.

Alternatively, you can take a percentage of each sale like Fiverr, but this feature is planned for the next version of the theme.

Taskerr theme pricing plans


Notifications are another important aspect of a micro job site, it keeps the users aware of their services and their purchases. Taskerr too comes with a strong notification system which triggers a message that will be immediately visible on the users dashboard and is also sent by email so users are always up to date. Notifications can be managed from the users dashboard.

The number of notifications will also show on the site header notification bar

Taskerr Theme notifications

Service Listing

The most important section of this theme is the service listing page where a user can provide complete item details page for sellers to describe their service.

Reviews and comments provide feedback and communication channels for potential buyers. People can add it to their favorites, contact the seller, or go ahead and purchase the service.

Taskerr Theme service listing

Final Word

Appthemes team is known for their specific business niche themes. They take care of all the minute details perfectly, Taskerr theme is not an expectation.

From the design as well as features point of view Taskerr is definitely an winner. However, an option to check the content to a grid layout will make the theme even better, I’m not sure if the option is already there.

If you are planning to create a micro job marketplace, this is one of the best theme option for you.

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone