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If you have not heard of SportsPress already, it’s a WordPress plugin by ThemeBoy which will help you to create a professional sports website with in couple of minutes.

The SportsPress plugin brings in some amazing features to your WordPress site and league management capabilities. If you are looking forward to create a sports related website on WordPress, you must have a look at SportsPress plugin 

Our free SportsPress plugin gives your website instant league management capabilities, the ability to modify scoring and to calculate statistics for any sport. Display your teams, upcoming games, results, and player statistics to excite your fans! Never compromise on sports functionality and be without the additional features your team needs.

By ThemeBoy Team

SportsPress Plugin

There are number of professional sports club who likes to maintain their information and statistics online, SportsPress plugin makes this process really easy, cost effective and quick.

SportsPress plugin comes with number of features specially created for a sports related website, with this plugin you can maintain team profiles with player list, league tables with club logos, player profiles & statistics per position.

SportsPress plugin also brings in extensive event management option to your sports site, you don’t have to get another WordPress event plugin or event theme for your site.

SportsPress plugin comes with extensive options which helps you option to play around with the color scheme and other styling, also this plugin is fully responsive which makes it look great in any small screen device.

SportsPress plugin

Now, if you are really serious about your new sports website it will need some premium features and tools provided by ThemeBoy who created the SportsPress plugin.

ThemeBoy provides you some amazing themes and extensions which will make the SportsPress plugin work out of the box and make it is complete solution for your sports site.

WordPress Themes by ThemeBoy

1. Premier

premier sports WordPress theme comes with a modern and responsive design, packed with advanced features to help you build a professional sports website.

It’s a very attractive WordPress theme specially created for sports related website, it works perfectly with SportsPress plugin.

DemoDownload Theme


Show players professional profiles. Each player will get a custom profile. The 3 column section allows for a player player photo, position graphic, and details showcasing their strengths.

Premier theme makes event look standout. Each event will show a logo of the teams who participated in the match, a list of the players who performed, and an animated performance breakdown chart of the game stats.

Sports Events

Premier theme comes with a great looking header banner option which makes the theme look spectacular. It has got a modern, flat design will easily allow you to display your team logo.

Cost: This amazing WordPress theme specially created for sports site will cost you $79

2. Football Club

Football Club is the another professional WordPress theme created by ThemeBoy to help you create a custom sports site.

With this theme users can manage their fixtures and results, keep track of player statistics, write match reports, interact with visitors via social media, and fully customize the look of their website.

As the name suggests, this is a specially crafted WordPress theme for soccer club. The Football Club dashboard has been specifically designed for management of a soccer club.

DemoDownload Theme


Cost: Football Club theme will also cost you $79

Extensions by ThemeBoy

These extensions are really important for you to make your sports site very professional and unique. The extensions by ThemeBoy brings in some amazing functionality to your site.

1. Staff Directories

The SportsPress Staff Directories extension adds a new post type called “Staff Directories” to your WordPress site. Staff members can be assigned email address and phone number to be displayed in directories with links to call and email automatically from devices.

Download Extension


Cost: SportsPress Staff Directories extension will cost you $49

2. Team Colors

With the Team Colors extension, each team page, players & staff profile, and event page will automatically inherit their team colors.

In the admin panel, a color palette will be displayed under the team logos where you can modify colors to give each team their own unique feel.

This is a really important feature make provide unique look and feel to every team.

Download Extension


Cost: Team Colors extension will cost you $29

3. League Menu

If you have more than one team in the league, this amazing league menu extension will provide you option to showcase all the teams in the navigation in a very attractive way.

Download Extension


Cost:  League menu extension will cost you $29

There are some other useful extensions as well which will help you to create a professional sports website and  brand your site.


Though there are number of sports related WordPress theme, SportsPress plugin along with their themes and extensions standout. They have premium support to help you in every step.

If you are looking forward to create a unique professional sports related site, SportsPress plugin is highly recommended.

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone