Home page, About Us and Contact Us are the three most common and important pages that websites have. Thanks to their informative content, website owners work specially on these pages to grow their business.

Changing times have however added one more page that is essential for several reasons – the privacy policy page. This is especially a must on WordPress websites.

Privacy policy page is associated with your website’s legal documentation. It naturally should have the highest priority while designing a website.

Let us see what exactly is privacy policy? Why is it important for your website’s business and how it can be installed quickly?


[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Privacy Policy Template: The Insight

What is Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy is basically a legal statement telling the website’s visitors about what information the website is collecting and what exactly it is used for.

In short, it is an explanation to your visitors about what you are doing with the personal information they submit. The visitors share their name, address, contact information on the website. In turn, the website declares its privacy policy and the concerned legal aspects.

Content of privacy policy may differ across websites. The legal restrictions are different for content management websites and e-commerce websites.

Additionally, change in domain country also dictates private policy content. But eventually, being in the World Wide Web, most of the private policy content is nearly same.

Why Do We Need Privacy Policy?

Creating privacy policy is always good for a website’s business. It brings the website in the framework of laws and legislation.

Additionally, privacy policy will also help to create a better environment on internet. Visitors can feel safe about their personal information.

Every country, particularly the United States of America and United Kingdom, has various legislations and legal guidelines for website developing.

There should be a transparency with respect to adherence to these laws. These get automatically covered once you formulate an inclusive privacy policy. It can be clearly mentioned under what legal guidelines the content on your website comes. Any perceived irregularities can also be defended on its basis.

How it Helps Your Online business?

In e-commerce website business, having private policies is important. Here you can mention your policies of transaction to clear your website’s view.

This can be helpful if the visitors face any problem. For instance – it can be cleared in the privacy policy if a defective piece will be replaced or only the cash will be paid back. Customers comfortable with the policies will obviously become loyal and spread the word for you.

How to Add Privacy Policy to Your WordPress Site?

Importing privacy policy used to be a lengthy process. Adding every clause carefully consumed a lot of time. This becomes very easy with WordPress templates.

The templates give you ready made private policy statement. Addition of information, subjective to your requirements, can make your private policy ready in matter of minutes.

With templates that are fresh, updated and easy to use, privacy policies can simplify your life. They allow you to lend your much valued attention to business aspects.

Now adding privacy policy to your WordPress site has never been so easy. Get the WP LegalPages plugin and add Privacy Policy to your website for Free!

WP Legal Pages

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Privacy Policy Template: Must for Every WordPress Site
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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone