Portalic is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you build advanced web portals in a fairly easy and smooth process. With the help of this WordPress portal builder, you can build websites such as Amazon, Freelancers, Ebay, PriceGrabber. Portalic is designed for those who are newbie in the field of web administration and designing. Portalic lets anyone build website with relatively little effort and it is very easy to learn and use.

Portalic is perfect for building portals of job search sites, HR departments, notice boards, car rental agencies, property websites, auction websites and so on. This WordPress portal builder will be liked by webmasters as it considerably reduces time and effort in building such complex and advanced websites.

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Tools of Portalic

Portalic WordPress plugin comes with all the essential tools for webmaster’s work. Some of the key points are as follows
•Portalic comes with a friendly user interface that allows you to build complex websites in a fairly less time.
•There are multiple short codes to make your own design, readymade theme designers and HTML masters are also available for you to use them if required.
•You can view the entire system on one single screen which I think is a great advantage.
•There are special Wizards with the help of which you can create necessary advanced elements without much hassle.
•You can enhance the security against internal as well as external threats by applying the WordPress basic permission system per defined user roles.
•Portalic also comes with a support team that listen to the ideas, needs, wishes, queries of the clients and fulfils it.


There are several advantages of Portalic, if you manage your structured data through Portalic.
•Portalic allows amazing flexibility and diversity in creating any type of web portals be it a complex portal and even if you are not versed with the HTML and only familiar with the WordPress editor.
•Portalic has another great advantage, it gives you loads of options as far as customization and functions are concerned, you don’t have to worry about wasting you precious time working and matching different plugin solutions.
•Portalic takes care of the functionality and gives you utmost freedom in design development so that you get the desired design for your website with ease.
•Portalic gives you entire control over your product with a single and familiar environment like that of WordPress.

Portalic Advantages

Key Features

Flexible and Dynamic

Portalic WordPress portal builder is very dynamic and gives you immense flexibility, you can create any new variation of the data views without writing a single code. It is great for people who do not know programming, yet they will be able to easily manage data view variations on their own with this plugin. This I feel is great feature of Portalic as it does not restrict you even if you don’t know much about coding.


This new version was made with convenience in mind and has some great features. Portalic lets you build easy to use websites and web portals for both, you and your visitors. Portalic ensures convenience to you as fewer people will leave the website and the conversion rates will be high. It will help you meet the desired results and you profits will increase.

Ease and Simplicity

Portalic comes with some awesome features such as ease of use, you can build complex and advanced websites without much effort. Portalic is created with a user friendly interface, some of the best WordPress practices are kept in mind so that an entry level web administrator can also work on it very easily.


This is yet another great feature of the plugin, Portalic has a functional design. Portalic comes with a design that adapts itself to your websites saving you good deal of money, that you would otherwise spend on programmer or getting your website designed by a professional. With Portalic, you can easily work around the design of your website with the HTML editor of your choice.

Automatic Tools Creation

Portalic plugin comes with automatic tools creation, this means it permits for automatic management of your database. Portalic provides you with automatic support when you create a new database type in case you require. Portalic gives support on all necessary functionality such as while adding data, editing, filters, dynamic search and other relevant features and so on.


Portalic is very reliable when it comes to portal builders, and the record download of 10,000 from the earlier version resonates the fact. You can be sure before buying this plugin that it is absolutely reliable and great option. Apart from this fact, the current version is even better and a great deal. The current version is more reliable and convenient, it is created by keeping suggestions of users in mind and lot of new features are added. Portalic is designed to be smooth in use and effective to give you best results.

Portalic is a very effective WordPress plugin and you can do a lot of things with it to create a stunning website. Let’s look at some of the things that you’ll be able to do with Portalic.
•Portalic lets you create a user friendly interface with the help of which you can manage your own data, not only that you can also manage the data of users facilitating data access on both website as well as the admin panel.
•Portalic gives you the advantage of presenting data in any way you like, it does not limit the possibilities.
•Portalic lets you create and manage data types that allow for communication between multiple data structures.
•Portalic lets you build user-friendly interfaces for data management.
•Portalic gives you multiple short codes that let you define the correlation between the data and its displays.
•Portalic helps you estimate data relations very easily.
•You can search any data by combining the parameters with the help of Portalic.
•Portalic lets you estimate data access levels and much more.


Portalic comes with a great price of $79 for a single site and $89 for up to three sites. The best part is if you are not fully satisfied with the plugin, you have a 30-day money back guarantee.
Portalic is an amazing plugin that is packed with stunning features and functionality and it offers great reliability. It is a great bet and must have plugin for entry-level web designers, who wish to build complex websites with ease.

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Portalic Plugin- WordPress Portal Builder
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Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone