Let me introduce you to Icegram a great new plugin for WordPress will help you to overcome lot of issues related to user engagement and enable you to make the best out of every visitor on your site, and all these for free.

Yes, that’s true Icegram is a free resource for WordPress users. When you look at the features of Icegram and how it is capable of to take your WordPress site to the next level, it will be difficult for you to believe that Icegram is free.

In fact the developers confirmed that the core Icegram plugin will always be free and they looks forward to support the plugin with paid add-ons in the future.

So, let’s check what Icegram plugin has to offer..

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Icegram Installation and Use[/symple_box]

You can download the Icegram plugin here and to install it go to Plugins > Add new > Upload. Once you activate the plugin you will get the new Icegram option panel on your WordPress admin


To set up a new campaign you can go to add new campaign and get started, you will have to select the campaign type from the drop down if it is a action bar, message or a popup.

Icegram Campaign Type

Suppose you want to show an action bar on your site with a message, you have some amazing theme options to select from.

Icegram Campaign Theme

Similarly if you want to go for a popup message, you have number of theme options to select from. So select your favorite theme and you are good to go.

Icegram Campaign Popup Theme

You can style your messages the way you like it, you have the option to select text color, background color, you can setup the link, insert media and write your message description like a normal WordPress post.

Icegram Campaign Style

Icegram also provides you option to select the location of your message as well as the devices in which you want your message bar to appear. You can also choose the pages where you want the message bar to appear, just select your options and save the campaign.

Icegram Campaign Location

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[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Features of Icegram[/symple_box]

Icegram plugin is loaded with useful features which will definitely give you positive results in terms of user engagement, some of the highlight features are listed below.

  • Easy to Use: There is nothing fancy about Icegram plugin, even a newbie WordPress user can use the plugin to it’s maximum potential, all the options are straight forward and easy to understand.
  • Free To Use: This is definitely a big boost to this plugin, any WordPress user who can’t afford to spend dollars to make their WordPress site exciting, Icegram comes as a big relief because it is free but it can perform all those functions which you expect from the best of lead generation and user engagement plugins.
  • Inbuilt Themes: Be it the message bars or the popups, you will get some beautiful ready to use theme with Icegram. Just select your favorite theme while creating your campaign and your site will be ready with beautiful and effective messages.
  • Automatic Updates: Icegram is under active development. And you’d get easy automatic updates right within WordPress.
  • All-in-One Solution: Popups, Header / Footer Bars, Notifications, Targeting rules, full flexibility and power, Icegram has it all included within this single plugin.
  • Unlimited Campaigns: You can create unlimited campaign as you like and set theme as draft when you want to pause it, there is no limit what so ever.
  • Responsive: Icegram messages adapt to user device screen size – desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Compatibility: Icegram plugin works perfectly with all the other WordPress plugin
  • Show Any Content: Text, forms, videos, widgets, short codes, CSS, JavaScript, HTML… A message accepts anything.
  • Headline Generator: Another really interesting and very useful feature, Use the built in headline generator to get a highly converting headline sample. Fill in the blanks and you’re ready to go.

Icegram brings a lot of things together and gives you wide choice of message types, themes and complete customizability. All in a well designed, easy to use package.

Another best part of Icegram is the compatibility with all the leading email marketing services as well as with all form / lead generation plugins

The developer also listed out some of the items which are on the cards and will be looking forward to include in the upcoming versions.

  • Additional Message Types – Sidebar, Inline, Click To Reveal…
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Many more themes
  • Additional Targeting Rules – Geolocation, Exit Intent…
  • Copywriting Assistant
  • Inspiration Gallery
  • Graphics and Other Resources
  • JavaScript API

Conclusion: A superb plugin, there is no second thought about that. Icegram provides you lot more than what you can expect in a free plugin for marketing.

We have tested the plugin and all the features which are listed works perfectly. If you still have any issue or query you have an option to contact the plugin team within the plugin.

Download Icegram

Icegram: Helps You to Connect With Your Audience
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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone