There are many folks who wants to create a dating site in WordPress by making their site more interactive and engaging users through chat and messaging.

Many users likes to go with BuddyPress which is the most popular community platform for WordPress, BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin which brings in all the required community features to your site, it needs BuddyPress compatible themes to make it Work properly.

If there is any reason you don’t want to go with BuddyPress, there is a new solution for you. Rencontre a new plugin for WordPress which will bring in some really important community features to your site to help you create a dating site in WordPress.

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Rencontre Plugin Installation

The installation process of the plugin is same as any other WordPress plugin, just follow the process below

  1. Unzip the downloaded rencontre zip file
  2. Upload the rencontre folder and its contents into the wp-content/plugins/directory of your WordPress installation
  3. Activate Rencontre from Plugins page

However, this plugin works with a widget that uses the entire width of the page. You must create this widget area if it does not exist, you can check out the post we wrote about How to Place WordPress Widget in Post or Pages to get the work done.

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Rencontre Plugin Overview

Rencontre plugin brings in some really important community features to help you create a dating site in WordPress through some modules like chat and messaging.

Irrespective of you are running a business site or just a simple blog using WordPress, it is a great idea to have some community features in it because it will helps your users to exchange ideas with fellow visitors.

The users will have to login to access the functionality of Rencontre plugin and be a part of your online dating community website created using WordPress.

Some really useful features like private messaging between members, private Members chat with webcam makes this plugin a perfect solution to create a dating site in WordPress.

Like BuddyPress, Rencontre Plugin also comes with Extended profile option which user can use to say more about themselves and make sure they get the right kind of friends.

Another important feature of this plugin is the multilingual option, it will you to translate the site to the language you want.

Rencontre Plugin Features

  • Login Required to access functionality
  • Home unconnected with overview of the latest registered members
  • Private messaging between members
  • Extended profiles
  • Private Members chat with webcam
  • Sending smiles and contact requests
  • Advanced Search
  • Reporting of non-compliant member profiles
  • Connecting with a FaceBook account
  • Sending regular emails to members in accordance with the quota server
  • Using the wp_users table for members to benefit of WordPress functions
  • Daily cleaning to maintain the level of performance
  • Low resource
  • Multilingual
  • Easy administration with filtering members

Let’s check out some of the screen shots from the plugin, how it will look once your dating site ready.

The home page of a connected member.

rencontre plugin

Visitor’s home page when not connected.

 create a dating site in WordPress

Administration members.

rencontre screenshot 3

So, overall Rencontre Plugin looks like a nice solution to create a dating site in WordPress, it has all the important modules which you may require to create a successful dating site.

Just top it up with a great looking modern WordPress Theme, set up the plugin features and enjoy…

Disclaimer: This article is information purpose, we have not used the plugin ourselves to check how each module of the plugin works. Don’t forget to backup your site before using the plugin.

Download Plugin

Create a Dating Site in WordPress with Rencontre Plugin
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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone