If you are looking to create a stunning community-based website, then look no further than Boss Theme.

Boss Theme is a popular BuddyPress theme developed by BuddyBoss, a team completely dedicated to the BuddyPress aspect of WordPress.

The theme can be used to create a social network website with the help of BuddyPress.

Using the theme, you can simplify the process of creating a community-driven website. The theme is made for the sole purpose of creating communities and you will get a lot of other benefits by using the theme.

For example, you will get access to featured plugins from BuddyBoss. As they are only focused on BuddyPress, their work really shines in this department.

Using a regular theme and BuddyPress is a good idea, but it is not future proof.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started with the review of Boss theme review. The review will include updates from their new 2.0 version release. So, stay tuned and enjoy the review.

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Boss Theme 2.0 Review: A Great Theme For Community Site

Boss Theme works with the latest version of WordPress and you will not have any problems whatsoever if WordPress is updated. The team behind the theme updates it regularly and you will not be left behind, in the case of any incompatibility.

Moreover, the theme is SEO friendly. The SEO-friendly tag enables the website to reach the potential visitors and help the community grow.

So, what features does it have? Is it like yet another WordPress theme?

Of course, no..it includes tons of feature and the most striking feature of them is the speed optimization. Normally, BuddyPress themes are poorly speed optimized and it hampers the growth of the community.

Boss Theme 2.0 makes sure that the users get the best possible experience.

Let’s check out the key features that Boss Theme 2.0 has to offer.


Getting a theme is easy. All you need to do is buy the theme from the store. But after that, the real challenge is getting started with the theme and making it work as soon as possible.

In the case of the Boss theme, the installation process is simple. After installing the theme, you will notice that the theme comes with the pre-made child themes.

The child themes can really help you setup the website as quickly as possible.


The design of the theme is almost perfect. Theme design is also related to the customization of the website. And, I must say, that they have nailed the design aspect for a BuddyPress theme.


You can customize the design without touching a single line of code. The customizer carries all the important options to customize the theme looks and feels. If you want to customize more intricate parts, then you need to add some nifty CSS code. If you are not sure what to do, you can always hire or contact a WordPress designer.

Responsive Layout

With an increase in mobile traffic, it is a necessity for themes to support responsive design. Boss Theme makes sure that the community website can be accessed from any resolution or any device. The portability factor is well-built in the theme.

Theme Layout

The theme layout is quite impressive. The theme supports both fluid and boxed layout. Both the layouts are focused on creating the much-needed flexibility to the theme design. You can also switch between the two layouts with a simple click of the button.

2-flexible layout

Impressive indeed!

WooCommere Support

Having a big and active community is great, but what about using it to sell products? With Boss Theme, you can actually do it!


Boss Theme supports WooCommerce and you can create nice eCommerce website using the theme. You can either create a community first and then open an eCommerce store for their use or do the reverse.

Multi-lingual Support

The theme comes with support for different languages. The translation supports goes a long way as you can serve the community to different locations without worrying about language difference.

Plugins Support

We are all gone through this problem — plugin X is not supported. It annoys most of us. But with Boss theme 2.0, you will not have any problem regarding plugin compatibility.

Moreover, you will get access to the amazing BuddyBoss plugins. Not all plugins are free and you might have to buy few of them as they are paid plugins.


The BuddyBoss team’s plugin repository works best with their theme and if you are planning to use their plugin(free or paid), it is always a good idea to start with their theme as well.

They are also focused on creating the most efficient environment around the theme and hence offers custom plugin development. If you think, you need an idea to be executed, you can always contact them for more information.

Support and Documentation

Support and documentation of Boss Theme are top notch.

Let’s start with the documentation first. Their documentation is crafted around helping new people. The documentation shows how to get started and other important answers.

For more complicated or out of scope questions, support is provided. You can also use the support forum for an instant answer and getting help from the community members.


Boss is an excellent BuddyPress WordPress theme. The theme initial design to installation to proper documentation, everything seems to fall perfectly.

With almost a perfect score, I loved to review this amazing theme. BuddyBoss have really got hold of the small niche market within WordPress and I must congratulate them for what they have achieved until now.

If you are thinking of creating a stunning community-driven website, Boss theme is for you. The theme is updated regularly, providing you will all the necessary bug fixes and features addition.

What’s your opinion about the theme that we have reviewed? Comment below and let us know.

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone