Banner ads, one of the most widely used and very effective monetization method for website. Now, let’s look at a tool which will help you and make sure this method works for your site as well.

Here in this post we will discuss about two amazing plugins called Bannerize & Bannerize Analytics, which goes hand in hand and help you to manage banner ads on your WordPress site quite effectively.

WPXTREME is the team behind these awesome plugins, a group of some extreamly talented WordPress developers, know more about them here

If you don’t have any knowledge about codes & still you want to manage the banner ads on your WordPress site, these two plugins will do the job for you.

Bannerize is an incredible plugin that lets you create and manage banner ads on your website or blog the easy way. Thanks to specific widgets, shortcodes and drag & drop features, users with no (or little) PHP knowledge are able to implement online banners on their pages

WP Bannerize Team

Bannerize plugin makes the banner ad campaign management extremely easy, it supports image files, Adobe Flash movies, HTML/Javascript and standard text & make sure you make the most out of your banner ads.

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Features of Bannerize Plugin


– Manage your banner ads as Custom Post Type
– Supported files: images, Adobe Flash movies, HTML/Javascript and standard text
– Drag & Drop UI
– Banner categories taxonomy
– Fast switching banners to published/unpublished status
– Easily display ads with widget, shortcode or PHP code
– No PHP knowledge required
– Display banners based on filters, time limits or randomly
nofollow attribute support
– Custom Style Editor

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]How to Use Bannerize Plugin[/symple_box]

You need to first download and install the wpXtreme framework Plugin to use Bannerize Plugin, if you install the Bannerize Plugin first, it will automatically guide you to install the wpXtreme plugin.

Once both the plugins are installed and activated, you will get the new option called Bannerize in your WordPress dashboard, where you can set up and change your banners.

Add New Banners

Now, once the plugin is set properly, go to Bannerize > Add New to set up a new banner advertisement, here you have all required options to play around with the banner ad.

You have the option to upload a banner locally or use external banner using URL. You can set up custom height and width for the banner, add nofollow attribute etc.

Download Bannerize

Bannerize Plugin

To set up categories for your advertisements, go to Bannerize > Banner Categories like you add categories for normal post. You can also set up the date range for the advertisement.

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Performance Analytics for Banner Ads[/symple_box]

Your ad campaign is set properly and live on your site but will it make any sense if you don’t track the performance of the campaign? I’m sure not because without analytics it will be like flying in the air without navigation.

To support the Bannerize plugin and track it’s performance wpXtreme team has come up with an amazing analytics extension which will complete the loop for your banner ad campaigns.

Download Bannerize Analytics

Bannerize Analytics

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]Features of Bannerize Analytics[/symple_box]

– Overview
– Bannerize main plugin integration with specific overview columns (Impressions, Clicks and CTRs)
– Impressions, Clicks and CTRs Reports with different filters
– 4 different kinds of chart: Lines Chart, Bars, Stacked Bars and Areafills
– Export any data in .csv format (Impressions, Clicks and CTRs)

How to Use Bannerize Analytics?

Once the extension is installed, it will add two menu items to your main Bannerize plugin called Overview and Reports.

Bannerize Analytics integrates the main Bannerize Plugin with specific overview columns (showing Impressions, Clicks and CTRs) which you give you the detail of performance of each banner ad on your WordPress site.

The Bannerize Analytics plugin is very powerful and can provide you detailed analysis of each banner ad in terms of clicks, impressions etc, you can also specify the date range to check the analytics for a specified period.


This analytics will help you to understand which ad is doing well which is not, in fact this feature can do wonder to attract more advertisers for your site because every advertiser likes transparency and wants to know how their ads are performing

Bannerize Analytics plugin

Cost: The wpXtreme team has put in lot of effort to make this a complete advertisement campaign solution, while the wpXtreme framework and the main Bannerize plugin is completely free, the Bannerize Analytics plugin comes for $49 per year.

Considering the efforts, $49 seems a real good deal to support the development of this amazing plugin, in fact this will come back to you in terms of advanced feature and possibilities.

Download Bannerize Download Bannerize Analytics

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Grow Your Traffic To 40,000/Month

Learn the 6 plugins we used to grow our own traffic from 0 to 40,000 a month within a year.

We never share your E Mail ID with anyone